***Completely handcrafted with Authentic Crystals and Divine Love***


Lapis Lazuli Orgonite Pyramid


Crafted With:


Lapis Lazuli Crystals

~Stone of Royalty

~Resonates with the inner King/Queen

~Aids in truth and enlightenment

~Opens the 3rd Eye

~Stimulates the pineal gland

~Increases intuition

~Helps develop psychic gifts

~Assists with Channeling

~Helps you connect with angels and your guardian angels

~Releases negative thoughts and anger

~~Zodiacs ~ Pieces and Sagittarius

~~Chakra ~ Throat/5th Chakra



~One of the metals of Alchemy

~Stone of luck

~Obtains strong Metaphysical properties

~Assists in balancing the physical body with the astral body

~Increases energy

~Promotes a strong independence

~Promotes motivation

~Magnifies thoughts

~Helps manifest loving relationships with others and self



~Healing energy



~From my heart to yours

Lapis Lazuli ~ Orgonite Pyramid