"1111" Single Palm Stone
Chose either: Lapis Lazuli  OR Clear Quartz
Lapis Lazuli Crystals
~Stone of Royalty
~Resonates with the inner King/Queen
~Aids in truth and enlightenment
~Opens the 3rd Eye
~Stimulates the pineal gland
~Increases intuition
~Helps develop psychic gifts
~Assists with Channeling
~Helps you connect with angels and your guardian angels
~Releases negative thoughts and anger
~~Zodiacs ~ Pieces & Sagittarius
~~Chakra ~ Throat/5th Chakra
Clear Quartz Crystals
~Holds extremely high vibration
~Amplifies Everything
~Enhances Meditation
~Increases the impact of affirmations and positive prayers
~Powerful tool for Crystal healing
~Connects strongly to higher realms
~~Chakras ~ 3rd Eye/6th Chakra & Crown/7th Chakra

1111 ~ Palm Stone

  • This beautiful piece of jewelry is actually a powerful spiritual tool that can be used to enhance your life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. By simply wearing this, negative energy can be transmuted into positive energy, creating a more balanced, healthy state.