Regular Spiritual Cleansing is just as important as regular hygiene Cleansing. Have you ever felt drained after being around someone negative? As we go throughout our days we accumulate energies in our aura. After a while we become energetically "dirty". Spiritual Baths not only help cleanse you of things that no longer serve you, but they help manifest your desires.

Free Spirit Bath Salts

~Lack of Motivation
~"Writers Block" & Other Inspirational Blocks
~Negative Thoughts
~Lack of Self Confidence

~Magnitudes of Self Worth
~Overflow of Creativity, Inspiration & Motivation
~Living Your Life Purpose
~Abundance & Life Fulfillment

Charged Salts, Activated Charcoal, Herbs, Essential Oils, & Love.

Use 1/4 Cup of Salts in a warm bath before bed. Emerge entire body in water at least one time upon entering tub. Soak for 15-30 minutes. DO NOT bathe hygiene in Spiritual Bath. Air dry (DO NOT towel dry). DO NOT bathe hygienically for 8-24 hours after Spiritual Bath (Take necessary showers to cleanse hygiene prior to taking Spiritual Baths).

Free Spirit ~ 14.5 Ounce