***Completely handcrafted with Authentic Crystals and Divine Love*

(XL Mayan Shaped) Chakra Orgonite Pyramid
Crafted With:


Moon Stone Crystals

~Amplifies the natural healing qualities of the Moon

~Creates balance between the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine ~Increases psychic knowledge

~Strengthens Clairvoyance

~Channels Goddess energy

~~Chakra ~ Crown/7th Chakra

~~Zodiacs ~ Libra, Scorpio, & Cancer



~Radiates Moon Goddess energy

~Cleanses negativiy from the Crown Chakra

~Helps alleviate stress & anxiety

~Aids in tapping into gifts you had in Past Lives

~Creates a gateway to access the Angelic Rhelm

~Connects you with your Spirit Guides

~Assists with personal transformation

~~Chakra ~ Crown/7th Chakra & Soul Star Chakra


Amethyst Crystals
~Intense Spiritual Growth

~Assists during Meditation
~Violet Flame Healing
~Promote Sound Sleep and Peaceful Dreaming
~Assist in Healing Your Inner Child and Releasing Sadness and Grief

~Chakra ~ Third Eye/6th Chakra
~~Zodiacs ~ Aquarius, Aries, Pisces, and Sagittarius


Lapis Lazuli Crystals

~Stone of Royalty

~Resonates with the inner King/Queen

~Aids in truth and enlightenment

~Opens the 3rd Eye

~Stimulates the pineal gland

~Increases intuition

~Helps develop psychic gifts

~Assists with Channeling

~Helps you connect with angels and your guardian angels

~Releases negative thoughts and anger

~~Zodiacs ~ Pieces and Sagittarius

~~Chakra ~ Throat/5th Chakra



~Assists in Living Up to Your Own Truth

~Helps with Communication & Public Speaking

~Increases Pychic Abilities

~Amplifies Creativity

~~Zodiac ~ Sagittarius

~~Chakra ~ Throat/5th Chakra


Aventurine Crystals

~Stone of Luck

~Money Magnet

~Amplifies energy during Meditation

~Releases Anxiety

~Relieves Stress

~Promotes Loving Relationships

~~Chakra ~ Heart/4th Chakra

Unakite Crystals
~Relieves Stress 
~Promotes sound sleep
~Increases Self Love
~Helps Balance Emotions 
~Opens 3rd Eye Chakra
~Magnifies Psychic Visions 

~Aids in Spiritual Growth 
~Chakra ~ Heart/4th Chakra

Citrine Crystals
~Magnifies Manifestation
~Money Magnet
~Increases Intuition
~Magnifies the power of other crystals
~~Chakra ~ Solar Plexus/3rd Chakra


Amber Crystals

~Relieves Stress

~Blocks Negative Energy

~Helps maintain a clear state of mind

~Great assistance for Psychic Protection

~Assists in releasing phobias and depression

~Enhances Creativity

~Creates a strong bond between the Physical Self & Spiritual Self ~~Chakra ~ Sacral Chakra



~One of the metals of Alchemy

~Stone of luck

~Obtains strong Metaphysical properties

~Assists in balancing the physical body with the astral body

~Increases energy

~Promotes a strong independence

~Promotes motivation

~Magnifies thoughts

~Helps manifest loving relationships with others and self
Fire Agate Crystals
~Enhances creativity
~Assists with Spiritual grounding
~Keeps you safe and protected
~Calming and relieves stress
~Sends negative energy back to the person who sent it to you
~Increases fertility
~Aids in impotence
~Enhances Passion and intimacy
~~Chakra ~ Sacral/2nd Chakra
~~Zodiac ~ Aries

Red Bamboo Coral Crystals
~Relieves Stress
~Provides emotional healing
~Protects against evil spirits
~Protects those who work around water
~Brings luck into the home
~Heals bones, arthritis, and other physical disorders
~~Chakra ~ Root/1st Chakra


Red Jasper Crystals

~Promotes emotional equilibrium

~Strong spiritual grounding

~Gives insight on personal difficulties and helps resolve them

~Provides a sense of stability

~Aids to release issues surrounding sexuality, dysfunctions, or negative experiences

~Helps awaken your kundalini

~Chakra ~ Root/1st Chakra

Hematite Crystals
~Stimulates the mind
~Grounding and Balancing
~Enhances memory
~Promotes courage in women
~Increases Self-esteem
~Helps strengthen will power
~Builds confidence
~Helps keep you grounded and stable
~Releases pain in the body
~~Birthstone ~ Aquarius
~~Chakra ~ Root/1st Chakra



~Healing Energy



~From My Heart to Yours

Chakra Orgonite Mayan Pyramid